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Gary and Cindy - Bluffton, S.C.

Cindy and I have been traveling together since 1985 -  New York, San Francisco, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Missoula (yes, really, Missoula, Montana) London, Belgium and Italy (our favorite).

The travelogues that we've written are designed to be impressionistic, personal and somewhat descriptive. They are not intended to be travel guides in the usual sense. 

In the end, they're just attempts to share our thoughts with our friends.

So, enjoy.

Buon viaggio.

Gary and Cindy

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Dave Licata | Reply 22.11.2017 12.18

Dear Gary and Cindy:
Great job!
My wife and myself are looking to visit Poland next June. I married the former Annette WADOWSKI.

Richard McGee | Reply 12.06.2017 09.49

Hi Gary and Cindy,

Thank you for including me in your website with your travel log.
I hope to get to Maine this year and so would like to stop by to say hello.

Dave Licata | Reply 09.06.2017 18.16

Very Nice.

Ana | Reply 27.02.2015 10.36

Hello Gary,

I really enjoyed exploring your blog. You have supplied some really great tips and "food for thought". I look forward to new posts!

Gary 27.02.2015 12.36

Ana, thank you so much.

Dave Licata | Reply 25.08.2014 01.40

My wife and I are headed for New Zealand this Fall any tips?
Dave in Lockport.

Magnetman | Reply 12.05.2013 13.58


Gary 12.05.2013 19.33

Glad you enjoyed it.

Philio N. Stoanne | Reply 11.05.2013 20.22

Now that you've shaken the yoke, I expect to hear you've chased down a lot more far-flung corners of our shrinking planet.

WTF! There's a character limit!!!!!!

G. 12.05.2013 19.32

Far flung? Well, there are lots of places in Italy that we've never been to. Terra del Fuego? No time soon. But thanks for the comment.

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23.07 | 21:19

Your travels remind me of the line in the Commander's song "There's a whole lot of things I ain't never done, and I ain't never had too much fun." Admirable. -p

23.06 | 14:51

Dear Gary, Thanks for taking me along and showing me the sights, etc. you do such a fabulous job writing all this. Thanks so much. My love to you & Cinty

24.11 | 13:33

"Rome, by all means, Rome." Petra and I are just back from a 12-day visit to Roma and couldn't agree more. BTW, thanks for the recs -- extremely helpful. -p

23.11 | 17:55

Thanks so much.
Gary and Cindy

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